People say that good shaving technique comes with experience. Of course, we are not daring to doubt this statement, but the razor also plays a role. If you want to get smooth, close, and secure shaving, you should choose a razor wisely. However, it may appear to be a very difficult task, considering the huge variety of options the modern fashion industry gives us. A good razor has a lot of criteria to follow, starting from the materials it is made of, the number of blades, maneuverability, its shape, and even weight. Everything is very personal, so if your friend likes this or that razor, it doesn’t mean you will love it too. Our professionals at — offer you three ultimate men razors to try in 2017. Check them all and find your styling perfection.

# 1 Bic Flex 4

The word Bic is usually associated with the pen. However, Bic razors are very popular among men all over the world. Generations of guys use it, trusting their bristle, skin, and life to these throwaway blades. Nevertheless, Bic company tries to become something bigger and release a more durable Flex 4 kit. It has four blades and a pivoting head for better maneuvering along the contours of your face.

# 2 Gillette Pro Glide

No best razor to buy list can deal without mentioning Gillette. This company always takes the lead, incorporates new technologies, and continues to be the most popular brand of shaving razors or men. The Pro Glide offers you a very close shave, smooth skin, and minimum effort. Special technology gives the razor extremely high maneuverability that allows you to work on your jawlines and cheekbones easily. It is the best decision for sensitive skin.

# 3 Philips One Blade

Here is the company that always brings some new trends into the styling and shaving industry. The products always differ, in a good way, from the rest of the available ones on the market. It is a kind of hybrid that allows you to shave trim and shape your beard, using only one tool, and that is what makes Philips One Blade so cool.

Choose one of these razors and be stylish 24/7.