At the first sight, shaving seems to be a very easy task, if you are not ten years old. However, the older you become, the more difficult it appears to be in reality. Women love a clean-shaven look, soft chin and highlighted face bone structuring, neat and tidy look can bring you a coveted job and help to succeed in signing a very important contract. That is why we try to do our best, every time taking a razor into our hands. Check out these three basic steps, which will provide incredibly soft and qualitative shaving.

Tip # 1 Mapping is a key

Here is one interesting trick that helps strongly diminish irritation and razor burn. The key thing is to know where on your face grain changes the growing direction. Guys usually think that it grows the same way for all men. However, it is not quite true. We are all different, it means every bristle and beard is unique and inimitable. Explore yourself and you will formula for perfect shaving. Mapping is simple, just grow out a few days bristle, then run your fingers across your face in every direction. More resistance means that you’re going against the grain.

Tip # 2 Adam’s apple

The neck and Adam’s apple in peculiarity is one of the most dangerous and injurious areas on your whole body. Even the sharpest and most expensive razor cannot provide you with easy gliding in this spot if you don’t know the technique. Hide an apple by swallowing first and then hold your breath. Now, you will find it much easier to shave this spot.

Tip # 3 Double edged vs. straight edge razors

It should be pointed that an edge razor is more aggressive and dangerous than a double-edged razor. As a result, it will lead to major irritation, especially on your neck, if you are not careful enough. When it comes to the shaving angle, the situation changes completely. Using a straight edge razor, you have to be sure that the razor cap is next to flat against your face.

Use these special techniques to improve the quality of your shaving and look cool 24/7.